Syd Weiler is a visual development artist, illustrator, animator and partnered Twitch Creative streamer. She is a current member of the Microsoft Creator Council.

She was a 2016-2017 Adobe Creative Resident, during which she grew a
creative community through streaming. | She created the viral internet character Trash Doves, a digital sticker pack for iOS, licensed by Facebook.  | She helped develop and kickstart Jenny LeClue, an interactive choose-your-own-adventure mystery game, releasing 2017.  

She is a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design, where she studied animation and illustration.  
She loves video games, hats, tea, hair dye and her dog Beezly. 

SELECTED WEB REFERENCES: 99u | The Great Discontent | Adobe Creative Residency | HOW DesignBBC | NYMAG | The Guardian | Forbes | Sarasota Magazine 

ICON 2016 - 'Making Digital Brushes using Adobe Sketch'
Creative South 2017 - 'The Weekend Project'
99u 2017 - 'Making & Marketing Digital Stickers' 

Adobe MAX 2016
Adobe Creative Jams, 2016 & 2017 - Raleigh, Philadelphia, Yale University 
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