Q: What software do you use?
A: I use Photoshop CC for both illustration and animation.
I use XSplit encoding software for streaming/recording.
I use Gyazo Capture/Gif for social media posts.
Q: What hardware/tablets do you use?
A: (Desktop Setup) Cintiq 21UX + Cintiq 22HD + 34' Dell Monitor 
(Mobile Setup) Surface Pro 4 + Microsoft Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard OR Surface Book
Q: What brushes do you use? 
A: I use my own custom brush sets. 

Q: Are your brushes available for purchase?
A: I sell some brushes via Gumroad
The rest are available, subscription-box style, on Patreon
I have a brush set available for Adobe Sketch for free. 
Q: What's the Adobe Creative Residency? 
A: Watch the video and read about the program!

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